Thieves Go Live On Soulja Boys IG After Robbing From His House

April 18, 2019

So last week Soulja Boy's "comeback" came to a screeching halt when an L.A. County judge threw him in jail for violating his probation. Apparently he didn't complete his community service hours. They also claimed that Big Soulja conspired to falsify evidence to make it seem that he did complete it. The judge has held the rapper without bail and he'll remain in custody until April 30th when his next hearing is scheduled.

So with that being said and done, Soulja Boy's home has been burglarized while he sits in jail. Sources close to the situation say the burglars made off with tons of jewelry, cash, a phone, and other items. In all, they stole $50,000 worth in jewelry and $100,000 in cash. To make it worse the burglars went on Soulja Boy's IG Live from his own Iphone and bragged about the whole thing. Authorities say the men have even reached out to Soulja Boy's industry contacts claiming to be artists. Peep the video below: