Jussie Smollett Indicted For Felony By Grand Jury

February 20, 2019

Well it looks as if Jussie Smolletts whole racist attack might be all fabricated by himself. He has just been indicted on a felony charge for filing a false police report, and now he's facing 3 years in prison.

A Cook County Grand Jury handed down the indictment late Wednesday, after grand jurors heard testimonies and evaluated evidence. 

We're told Ola and Abel Osundairo, the 2 brothers told Grand Jurors they staged the so-called "attack" at Jussie's request and even got paid for it. The brothers were caught on camera buying a bunch of supplies before the incident that included ski masks, gloves, bandanas, sunglasses and red hats.

Although police officially called Jussie a "victim" until recently, multiple law enforcement sources have told us the police had real doubts about Jussie's story early on. They found it weird he kept the rope around his neck for 42 minutes after the "attack," and were suspicious when he took them to the scene and immediately pointed to a camera which he said captured the incident. Turns out, the camera was pointed in the wrong direction.

Abel and Ola told police they drove with Jussie in the days prior to the incident scouting a location and even rehearsed the "attack."  

Law enforcement believes Jussie timed the "attack" for January 29 because he knew the Osundairo brothers were leaving for Nigeria that day.

Of course within the justice system you are innocent until proven guilty but time will tell if Jussie Smollett will be eating bologna sandwiches and ramen noodles!