Fans Are Trolling Cardi B's Swollen Feet

June 13, 2019

So a few days ago Cardi B started complaining about one of the side effects that she's been experiencing from her plastic surgery. She had gotten liposuction and a breast augmentation to get back to her peak look but she's not entirely happy about the size of her feet after all the procedures she had. She took to social media and showed the world her swollen ankles, and almost instantly her fans started to troll her fat feet and I've rounded up the funniest ones. My favorite though is the "they look like tortas" LOL!

A popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Terry Dubrow, urged Cardi B to think harder about getting surgical procedures to alter her appearance in the future. People are worried that she's suffering from this strange side effect and are hoping she would stop getting surgery altogether. She seems happy to oblige, notifying fans that she'll be hitting the gym more often instead.