Drakes Music Banned By Bay Area Station Till After The NBA Finals

June 6, 2019

Well it looks like Drake's sideline antics during the NBA Finals is starting to irritate Warriors fans all over the Bay Area. Radio Station KBLX out of San Fransisco has officially banned all of Drakes music for the remainder of the series between the Toronto Raptors & The Golden State Warriors, which sits at 2-1 in favor of the Raptors.  

KBLX operations and programs director Elroy Smith commented on the decision, stating, "(We) could not stand on the sidelines and accept Drake showing no love for our Golden State Warriors. It is my joy to cease and desist all of Drake’s music on KBLX in support a team that is loved by the Bay Area and around the world. Oh yes, we are proclaiming a 3-peat." 

Drake has yet to respond.