Chris Brown Announces Yard Sale At His House

October 21, 2019

Now it never dawned on me that flithy rich celebrities have yard sales at their house. But I guess they do!

Chris Brown recently announced his upcoming yard sale on social media, the singer told the world that details would soon be available regarding his unprecedented activity. Noting that the event will be going on for a total of three days, Breezy will be organizing a sale of the stuff he no longer wants or needs. "U might see an item (balenciaga, GUCCI, supreme, high end items) that usually will cost $2500 in stores but at my yard sale it will be $200."

Now he did state that in fact that his yard sale will be taking place at his crib. While I highly doubt that Breezy will be out there himself selling his old items, I'm sure people are gonna be lining up for days to try to get a dope deal on some gucci, or try to get a glance at the singer or his lavish crib. Are you gonna go?