CBS Denies Medical Marijuana Commercial During Super Bowl

January 24, 2019

Well it looks like CBS is still living in 1999. They recently denied an ad produced by Acreage Holdings, a marijuana & cannibas investment firm, who offered to pay $5 Million dollars for the ad to run during this years Super Bowl. They were told by CBS that, they don't allow marijuana ads on air. 

The ad shows 3 people, a boy who had hundreds of seizures a day that nearly lost his life to traditional medicine, a man with a back injury that was addicted to opioids, and a veteran who was in severe pain after his leg was amputated. Each of them say that Medical Marijuana changed their lives and greatly reduced their pain. 

The whole point of the ad is to push for legalization of medical marijuana on the federal level. Currently 30 states have made medical marijuana use legal, but if a federal law would be passed, millions of americans could reap the miracle benefits of medical marijuana. Watch the commercial for yourself and see what you think.