Cardi B is Catching Heat After Admitting That She Drugged & Robbed Men

March 25, 2019

It seems as of lately critics have been taking jabs at Cardi B so she took to Instagram and spoke on a variety of topics, including her past. She talked about how she did some bad things to help fund her dreams, which included robbing people.

Cardi went on to say that she deserves everything she has because she did it herself. She then went on to run down all the things she had to do and go through to provide for herself. She even pointed out times where she’d have to set clients she met at the strip club up by luring them to hotels, drugging them up, and robbing them.

Since the IG video the hashtag "#SurvivingCardiB" is trending worldwide with many of Cardi's critics calling out the double standard here. If a man were in her position, admitting to robbing and drugging women, he would probably get arrested. However, in Cardi B's situation, people do not believe that any charges will be made. Watch the confession below: