Ariana Grande Pulls Out Of Her Scheduled Grammy Performance

February 7, 2019

Well it looks like Ariana Grande will no longer be performing at the 61st Grammy Awards that is scheduled for Sunday Feb. 10th. According to insiders close to the situatuion Ariana Grande got offended when the Grammy committee said that she couldn't perform "7 Rings" at the ceremony. After some deliberation, Grande and the producers came to some kind of agreement, which allowed her to perform "7 Rings" in a medley of songs, but the situation took a left turn when the Grammy producers insisted on choosing the 2nd song in her medley. Which she wasn't too pleased about, so she reliquished her side of the agreement, and pulled out of the performance completely. Not only is she not going to perform, but she won't be taking her front row seat the gala either. Grammy Producers had been using her name and face in many promotional billboards all over Los Angeles. But it looks like they f'd that up and replacing somebody like Ariana Grande is near impossible. Her twitter posts below gives you a little insight on how she feels about the entire situation.