Apple Will Pay $1M To People That Can Hack An Iphone

August 12, 2019

It looks like Apple is pretty confident in their cyber security because they announced today that they would pay $1 Million dollars to anybody that could hack into an Iphone. 

Apple launched the bug-bounty program in 2016 but has updated the reward to $1 million if you can find a particular bug in their system. According to Forbes, the bold move makes this the highest bug bounty offer from any major tech company. Digital Trends noted that the million-dollar reward would be paid out to those who can execute a “zero-click full chain kernel execution attack with persistence.” The announcement was made by Apple during a Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas this last week.

Apple previously had the bug-bounty available via invite-only, but now the bounty is open to any researchers to find.

So if you know how to hack a phone, or know someone who can hack a phone, get to hacking and get that money! Lol