Want to see your favorite new artist at Red Rocks? May have to wait a few years

May 24, 2017

If you're a Colorado native and you have not been to Red Rocks....slap yourself....if you've lived in Colorado for more than a year and havent been to Red Rocks...slap yourself as well lol.  No question Red Rocks is one of the most beautiful venues in the country, and one that is on almost every artists bucket list to perform at.   Having hosted such huge artists from the Beatles and U2...to KS1075 favorites like Chance the Rapper and J Cole, any given night there is no doubt a sold out show going on at Red Rocks.

However the popularity of the venue could be the reason it may be hard for your favorite artist to make their way to CO as some artists have had to book dates 5 years in advance!  To get an inside look at some of the politics and processes of getting a show booked at Red Rocks, check out Variety's story by: Clicking Here