Kendrick Lamar banning cell phones from shows?

February 12, 2018

No questions the creation of the smart phone has changed our lives, mostly for the better, but one part of our lives it definitely seems to have changed our lives for the worse and thats at CONCERTS!  Almost everybody has gone to a show and had that person in front of them that is sitting there recording the entire show (as if they are ever going to go back and watch the whole thing) or youve opened up someone Snap Chat story and see that theyve Snapped the whole damn thing.   

Well looks like if you want to see Kendrick Lamar in concert from now on, you'll have to leave the cell phones off because The Guardian is claiming that K Dot is banning cell phone usage during his show.  I, for one, would LOVE to watch people actually ENJOY the show thats right in front of them and leave their damn phones off.   More info:  Click here