Did Mark Hamill just drop a major Star Wars spoiler?

June 28, 2016

Warning.... POSSIBLE spoilers ahead so dont keep reading if you dont want to POSSIBLY have some info spoil what may happen in the upcoming Star Wars movies.....

Okay... you still reading.... you understand whats up?  Okay good, heres the scoop.

Over the weekend during an interview Mark Hamill let this line go "I finish 'Episode VIII,' and then I'm out of work."  

Now Luke Skywalker is supposed to be a major part of Episode VIII so the question is does this mean he wont appear in Episode 9?  Will he be killed off like another character was in the last movie?  Will he simply ride off into the sunset?  Or does "out of work" just mean they have a few months off before shooting their next movie?  Guess we'll have to find out!  

Until then heres a trailer for the next movie coming out in the Star Wars universe to hold you over for now!