The Best Online Workouts to Do While Distancing

March 16, 2020
At home workout

You’re working from home, finally have the time to work out, but can’t do it, because most gyms are closed. NBD! You can still stay active, while staying home. Many gyms are leading digital workouts, and there are plenty of fitness pros who can lead you through a full body workout, from your living room.
And let’s not forget, a walk around the block or a run through the neighborhood is totally allowed.

Here are some resources for at-home workouts to keep your body active.

Follow Your Gym on Instagram
Smaller studios have been posting video workouts to Instagram in the wake of coronavirus closures. Take advantage of the classes led by some of Denver’s best instructors. We may not get the sense of community that a boutique fitness studio provides right now, but you can still connect with your favorite instructors and sweat it out at home.

Free on YouTube
These 10-15 minute workouts can be a lifesaver to do throughout the day. Taking 10-15 minute breaks from work can save your sanity, and get in some much needed activity. Some videos require minimal equipment, but most can be done with just you.

Free with membership
Not only is ClassPass rolling over all credits for the next few months, they have a collection of video classes that you can stream from anywhere. This service is always available to members, but it’s more useful now than it ever has been. You can search videos by class type, time, or intensity. There are enough videos on here to be sure you can change up your workout daily. Also, with this link, you can get $25 off your first month, courtesy of ClassPass fan Allie (that's me! I wrote this!).

Fitness Blender
There is something for every person on Fitness Blender. They have a collection of free videos that range in duration and difficulty, and they even let you know how many calories you can expect to burn during your workout. There is a subscription option, if you want access to even more videos and resources, but the free videos work just fine too!

This app provides audio-only workouts. It’s basically like having a coach right there, in your ear, guiding you through a workout. There are many different fitness options, running, circuit training, strength training. THis is best for experienced exercisers, and those who have access to some equipment, like weights, mats or treadmills.

Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club
Running is almost always free, but sometimes you need guidance, or motivation. Nike’s Run Club app has all of that, and it’s still free. A run outside (for now) is completely fine, and a little sunshine can do a lot in the way of mood improvement. The Training Club app will provide the same level of coaching and guidance, but focuses on weights and other strength based exercises. Also, we LOVE free!

Juli Bauer Roth is something of a fitness celebrity. She also lives right here in Denver! She posts a lot of healthy recipes, and workouts to her Instagram, and on her website. All of her workouts are meant to be done with minimal equipment, and you can always modify as needed.

And with that, you should have everything you need (minus the motivation, but that's on you) to get in a good workout, without the gym.