Police reveal security video showing gunman who killed Dallas rapper Mo3

The rapper was shot and killed on November 11

November 20, 2020

Photo credit Getty Images

Dallas police now have some pictures from security video showing the gunman who killed the Dallas rapper named Mo3 last week.

The rapper -- whose birth name was Melvin Noble -- was chased out of his car on I-35 near the Dallas Zoo, trying to get away on foot. However, the killer ran him down and finished him off.

The pictures show a thin man wearing a face covering revealing only his eyes. He's wearing gray pants and a black shirt. From one picture to another you can see his pants falling down around his thighs, revealing light blue boxer shorts. As he runs, he's carrying the murder weapon -- a rifle held as if he is right-handed.

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Detectives are hoping will identify the gunman as the photographs circulate.

Dallas Murder Suspect
Dallas Murder Suspect Photo credit Dallas Police Department

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