Mariah Carey Bypasses 30th Anniversary Celebration to 'Educate, Inform, and Invoke Change'

Mimi calls for change instead

June 12, 2020

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Mariah Carey’s self-titled, debut album. With tracks like “Vision of Love” or “All In Your Mind” swirling through our brains, understandably, the lambily wouldn’t hesitate to celebrate the landmark album. However, Mimi has asked for something different today.

In a tweet, Carey acknowledges the 30th year of the album and tells us that she had “planned to share some surprises and rarities” about Mariah Carey, but in light of the Black Lives Matter movement taking place across the nation, the Matriarch of the lambily ask that her fans continue to be agents of change.

Mariah tweets, “as we continue to fight for equality and justice within our broken systems, I thank you for using your platforms to educate, inform, and invoke change.” The singer’s call to action further highlights the narrative that we must fight the challenge of burnout. Instead of our feeds returning to “normal” Mimi asks that we continue to disperse information about actively supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Without educational rhetoric, we cannot move towards positive change.

In time we can celebrate music achievements and successes, but now is still a time in which we all need to learn about changing deeply rooted routines and behaviors.

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