Kaepernick reacts to Breonna Taylor case: Police 'must be abolished'

September 23, 2020

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, one of the faces of the movement against systemic racism and police violence, sounded off after a Kentucky grand jury declined to press charges against six police officers for the death of Breonna Taylor.

Kaepernick, who remains sidelined amid an apparent years-long blackballing by the NFL and its teams for initiating silent player protests during the national anthem, called for an end to policing on social media on Wednesday night.

"The white supremacist institution of policing that stole Breonna Taylor’s life from us must be abolished for the safety and well being of our people," the 32-year-old said on social media. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback closed his post with the hashtags #SayHerName and #AbolishThePolice.

Kaepernick was among countless athletes who aired their sadness and frustration after weeks of campaigning to secure justice for Taylor, who was killed in a seemingly senseless shootout inside her own apartment while police were executing a warrant for a prior resident on drug charges.

Authorities on Wednesday said Taylor's boyfriend initiated the shooting in response to the police presence at the door, disputing previous reports that the officers had entered the house by the controversial no-knock raid. The tactic has since been banned in Louisville.

One officer was indicted on the charge of wanton endangerment in the incident, for jeopardizing the lives of Taylor's neighbors by allegedly firing his weapon into one of their walls.

Kaepernick was back in the headlines at the outset of the NFL season, when he blasted the league for embracing Black Lives Matter messaging while he and fellow anthem protester Eric Reid remained unsigned. Kaepernick dismissed the league's rhetorical about-face as "propaganda."

Reid echoed a similar sentiment soon after, saying the league's use of Kaepernick in a video montage for its social justice campaign was "diabolical."

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