Drake Drops Surprise Drill Anthem With Headie One, 'Only You Freestyle’

Drizzy is back, again

July 21, 2020

Drake’s been one busy dude. After teaming up with DJ Khaled on a pair of tracks, he’s returned, featured on a new drill anthem with UK rapper Headie One titled “Only You Freestyle.”

And believe us when we tell you Drizzy snaps on the M1OnTheBeat produced track. Don’t believe us, well then take Drake’s word for it, “I had to go hard, especially on a track with one of the best drill artists in the world,” Drake said in a press release. “Scratch that—the best drill artist in the world.”

Aubrey keeps it bar heavy, a major component of UK drill, and seems to be digging up some dramz in response to his rap nemesis Pusha T, who reignited their beef last month with his verse on “Paranoia.”

Using a double-time grime flow Drake spits: “S*** you man been droppin’ lately/Don’t make me have to fly my iTunes/So much people buy into my hype/Don’t make me have to buy my hype too/Dealt with the big homie already/Don’t make me have to side-by-side you/Nuff times he tried to hide behind you/Amnesia but when I remind you/I’m touchin’ road and I can’t find you.”
And he wasn’t done yet, both lyrically and we're assuming literally, “word to the M-O-B, I'm tied to/I’m givin' up when I decide too”

All that after he dubs UK TV presenter Maya Jama a “sweet one”, and claims that an Arabic girl said he looks like “Yussef or Hamza” (both common Arabic names), to which he flirtatiously responds, in Arabic no less, “Baby girl, I’m sure we’d look better together.”

Believe us yet? For real though, Drizzy lyrically tap-danced all over this song, and we are here for it.

You can witness the lyrical greatness of both Drake and Headie One by pressing play on the Nathan James Tettey and Theo Skudra directed video above. You’re welcome.

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